Doctor Testimonials

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a very common sleep related breathing disorder that is known to have so many serious health related concerns. The most common treatment option is the use of positive air pressure devices like a CPAP; unfortunately this effective treatment option has compliance issues, on average 50 % will discontinue the wear of the CPAP after 1 year*. The emergence of alternative OSA treatments, like dental oral appliances, has slowly improved the treatment compliance. At this time quite often we have to look at combining treatment options to have the best treatment outcome with the best treatment adherence. We should not underestimate the effect of body (sleep) position on OSA; avoiding sleeping on the back (supine) will improve the outcome of any OSA treatment modality. There are many gadgets available from home made to electronic devices; but the one that is the easiest to use will most likely be used on a daily base. I have found that COPAP Pillows are by far the most comfortable; they are ready to use and there is no need to attach anything to you, it is lying ready on the bed.

Edmund Liem, DDS
President of the Canadian Chapter
American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
In the field of Dental Sleep Medicine for over 10 years, I have had to encourage patients to consider sleeping on their side to help with their snoring and, in many cases, their Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). As an adjunct to patients utilizing oral appliance therapy for the treatment of their sleep apnea I also recommended the CoPap Pillow for those experiencing residual sleep apneas when sleeping on their back or in patients that have primary snoring as a result of sleeping on their back. The CoPap Pillow has enough material where the person’s head rests that it can also support the neck without excessive tilting of the head while sleeping on the side. By simply “hugging” the CoPap Pillow, my patients can sleep comfortably on their side throughout the night to provide further relief from sleep apnea.

Mayoor Patel DDS, MS
Craniofacial Pain & Dental Sleep Center of Georgia
I had the pleasure to try Copap as a patient with Obdtructive Sleep Apnea and I am really impressed, my sleep has improved great deal and I see an amazing results the more I use it. Now, as a doctor and director of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of San Francisco, I recommend it to all my patients with OSA and especially the ones with Positional Apnea. Thank you guys for making such a good product, highly recommend it.


Dr. Jamil Alkhoury, DDS
TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of SF
While searching for a practical positional-therapy product to help keep patients on their side, I found this really great new product! Instantly recognizing its usefulness to the medical community I immediately contacted Kevin and Bill and ordered an entire pallet.


Comfortable and effective, everyone I talk to in the medical and dental sleep worlds who has experienced it - patients and providers alike - falls in love with this positional therapy pillow.

When a patient has long-standing obstructive sleep apnea, respiratory or neurological issues, they tend to develop a forward-head posture. And as a consequence, tolerating some of the other ‘snoring’ pillows on the market can be pretty challenging and downright frustrating, whereas this pillow was specifically designed to provide a supportive neck and back alignment.

Replacing the several pillows one would formerly have had to use to correctly position patients in a therapeutic 'recovery' position, this is a product whose time has come. And I enthusiastically encourage healthcare providers across North America to seriously consider incorporating the CoPap Pillow into your treatment plans. Your patients will thank you!

Julia Worrall RN, CCRN Founder,
RestED Restore Energy ~ Sleep & TMD Education
I treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea and this pillow has come in very handy for helping those patients that are awaiting their Dental Sleep apnea appliances. I recommend it on a daily basis and patients are loving it! 

It can be used in conjunction with their CPAP, Mandibular Advancement Device, with both or none.

As a side note: I recently broke both my wrists during a snowboarding accident. I have to say, this pillow was the only reason that I was able to sleep, as it supported me in the position that was most comfortable for me over the course of my recovery.

I believe this pillow has many other applications than healing sleep apnea patients. It is well made and very comfy.
Sara Vizcarra, D.D.S.
Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry

“NoPap Pillow is an excellent adjunctive to Dental Sleep Medicine. I recommend it to all my patients that I make Dental Oral Appliances for. The patients are referred to me by their physician, I conduct an evaluation and if they are a candidate for a Dental Oral Appliance, I then submit a pre-treatment authorization to their insurance.  In the meantime, I advise them to go online and buy the NoPap Pillow as a transitional therapy until their Oral Appliance comes in.

I recommend the use of the NoPap Pillow to keep patients off their back while sleeping. Even if they use a CPAP, I believe that the NoPap Pillow will help by decreasing the pressures required because it positions them so as to keep their tongue from falling back against their soft palate. This usually only happens when a patient is lying on their back.

I will not say that it is the ‘cure’ or that it will improve you to the point of no longer requiring a CPAP or dental Oral Appliance, but when used in conjunction with these therapies it is extremely effective!”

Victor Feit DDS
Maxillofacial Therapist