Frequently Asked Questions

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to the United States and Canada. However we can ship anywhere else in the world. For specific requests on shipping email us at

Is there an adjustment period when using this product?

As with any new sleep regimen, expect there to be an adjustment period.  It could take some time to get used to sleeping with lateral support.  Be patient and use the pillow to your comfortability.  If you can't sleep on your side the whole night, reposition the pillow to a more comfortable position and try again the next night.  

Is there a return or exchange policy?

Our products are personal and intimate in nature once they are opened they cannot be returned. Our products can be exchanged for a different product type within 30 days of receipt. Custom ordered products cannot be returned or exchanged.

To exchange a product within this 30 day window or return an unopened product please email us at

If you purchased your product from a retail or event outlet please contact the seller if you’d like to return the product. We cannot accept returns of products purchased at retail or event outlets.

Why does this help?

We encourage all of our consumers to research positional sleep support independently of this website.  If at that point you decide to try a positional support product, we'd hope you consider the NoPap Positional Pillow. 

What makes this so easy?

This is the easiest and most comfortable sleeping pillow you will ever use.  You don't have to add any steps to your nightly routine to benefit from positional support.  Just lay inside and fall asleep.