The NoPap Difference

 The NoPap Positional Pillow was designed to offer an alternative support option to those who are trying to maintain the lateral posture(on side) during sleep. Sleeping on your side is commonly known to help reduce sleep disturbances and snoring. For those diagnosed with sleep apnea, nightly use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure(CPAP) is the most effective treatment. The Nopap Positional Pillow is not a cure for sleep apnea or a replacement for CPAP therapy. Unfortunately however, CPAP is not easy to use and many people give up on it. This leaves millions of people each year searching for other forms of help.  We wanted to create a product for people who are out of options and simply want to adopt the good sleep hygiene habit of sleeping in the lateral posture...comfortably..!
Consider this a comfortable alternative to the home remedy called the "Tennis Ball" technique. With a firm back cushion behind you and a soft side sleeper in front of you, it will help promote lateral sleep. Rather than falling on uncomfortable tennis balls, instead you are offered the comfort and support of a foam back wedge. Without having to add any steps to your nightly routine, you will more likely use it on a nightly basis and over a long period of time. But don't take our word for it. Please research positional sleep apnea further or visit our resource center to learn more. 
How NoPap differs from other body pillows is that it has dual cushioning design.  One side is filled with a firmer polyurethane foam block wrapped in a soft low melt fiber. The other side is filled with a patent pending "Angel Hair" polyester down alternative which is soft and comforting.  NoPap Positional Pillow offers the extra back support (non-supine) that other body pillows do not. The NoPap Comfort pillow is for side sleeping comfort without the extra back support.  It is filled with a polyester down alternative in all three channels.

How to use the NoPap Positional Pillow

Lay on your side with the firm part of the pillow snuggled up against your back, hug your arms around the soft, fluffy part of the pillow directly in front of you.  Cuddle and enjoy your best sleep ever! If you want to roll over onto your opposite side, just flip the pillow over.  In fact, if used properly the two-sided support should minimize tossing and turning and prevent you from rolling onto your back. (supine position)