The NoPap Vision

Why we do what we do?

The NoPap Sleep Company makes manufactures products to help address an important daily life issue.  It is our platform to provide education and awareness of Positional Sleep Therapy and Positional Sleep Support.  We encourage all of our consumers to research positional sleep therapy independently of this website to identify if it is right for you.

How we do it?

The NoPap Positional Pillow is a sleep support product to help sleepers stay in the lateral sleeping position throughout the duration of their sleep.  The NoPap Positional Pillow is not a treatment for sleep apnea or a replacement for CPAP therapy.  It is an alternative to a well know sleep method called the Tennis Ball Technique.  The tennis ball technique is a traditional method where tennis balls are stuffed inside of a sock with the sock then attached the the back of your night shirt.  It's purpose is to prevent the sleeper from rolling on their back while they sleep.

What we do?

We manufactures body pillows with a unique feature you can't find in other body pillows.  Both sides of the pillows have a different firmness.  One side is soft and firm for extra back support to prevent the sleeper from falling on this back.  The other side is soft and comfortable for extreme comfort.  It combines the comfort you want with the support you need.