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"Apneic events occurring in the supine position are more severe than those occurring while sleeping in the lateral position."

"In a large population of OSA patients, most were found to have at least twice as many apneas/hypopneas in the supine than in the lateral position."

"Positional therapy was found to be effective at maintaining patients in the non-supine position during the night, and was equivalent to CPAP therapy."

"Positional therapy to avoid supine positioning modestly reduces sleep apnea severity after ischemic stroke, and may therefore improve outcomes."

"Comparison of cardiovascular co-morbidities and CPAP use in patients with positional and non-positional mild obstructive sleep apnea."

"Are we missing a simple treatment for most adult sleep apnea patients? The avoidance of the supine sleep position."

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Here are a few of the most common sleep disorders as identified by the University of Stanford School of Medicine.


Shift Work & Circadian Rhythm Disorders

Restless Legs Syndrome/ Periodic Limb Movements During Sleep

Narcolepsy & Other Hypersomnias (Excessive Sleepiness)

Nighttime Sleep Behaviors