Side Sleep Benefits

Sleep Apnea Reduced by Body Position


Effect of sleep position on sleep apnea severity.

As you know, sleep apnea can be the root cause of many adverse health conditions. There are five major contributing factors that increase the risk of sleep apnea syndrome. These factors include 1. weight gain 2. fatigue 3. alcohol 4. sedative medication 5. aging. According to studies published in the US National Library National Institutes of Health: Cartwright RD., Sleep. 1984;7(2):110-4. The test subjects' apnea index was found to be twice as high during the time sleeping on their backs as it was when they slept in the side position. The study concluded that side sleep position is a viable treatment for sleep apnea patients.


Sleep apnea and body position during sleep.

Doctors do recommend sleeping on the side as the major treatment intervention. US National Library National Institutes of Health: George CF, Miller TW, Kryger MH., Sleep. 1988 Feb;11(1):90-9. This study examined the effect of both sleep stage and body position on apnea duration and frequency. It was found the apnea duration was significantly longer in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) than in non-REM. For less-obese to non-obese patients it was found the apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) was reduced while sleeping on their side and are more likely to benefit from side sleep position changes.