Why Side Sleep?

Medical institutions worldwide validate sleeping on your side as a way to reduce sleep related breathing problems and snoring.  Click a link to read what they have to say. 


Finally...a simple and comfortable option for help! 

What is NoPap? 

The NoPap Company offers products to help address an important daily life issue.  It is our platform to provide education and awareness of Positional Sleep Therapy and Positional Sleep Support.  We encourage all of our consumers to research positional sleep therapy independently of this website to identify how it could help you or a loved one. The NoPap Positional Pillow® is a sleep support product designed to help sleepers stay in the lateral sleeping position.  The NoPap Positional Pillow® is not a treatment for sleep apnea or a replacement for CPAP therapy.  It is an alternative to a well known sleep method called the Tennis Ball Technique.  The tennis ball technique is a traditional method where tennis balls are stuffed inside of a sock with the sock then attached the back of your night shirt.  It's purpose is to prevent the sleeper from rolling on their back while they sleep. 

Sleep Better Together! Don't lose sleep over your partners snoring!

According to the National Sleep Foundation, roughly 14% of cohabiting couples sleep apart at night! Snoring is the primary reason. 

How is NoPap different?

 Each side of the pillow has a different firmness.  One side is firm for extra back support to prevent the sleeper from falling on their back.  The other side is soft for side sleeping comfort.

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